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It is a well-known fact that disabled sports are important in the society. But that it is high on the list of the United Nations is not that known. According to the UN, it embodies the highest ideals in humans to the Paralympic athletes. They challenge all boundaries that are put out by the society and the people within and challenge themselves to evolve and make the most of their potential, as the world class athletes that they are. Their will is to be the best, despite their physical or mental disability, that is an accomplishment in itself!

UN and Paralympics – the same ideals

You can say that both the UN and the Paralympic organisations share the same goal. The UN strives to find peaceful solutions to controversies, improve living conditions for people around the world and make relations between countries and people harmonic all over our earth. The main goal for the Paralympics is to make sports available to the humanity by making them use their full potential as a contribution in the fight for peace and preserving human dignity. More than 130 countries compete in the Paralympics, making it the second biggest competition in the world. Because of this, the prestige is high. Around the world the athletes of the Paralympics are celebrated for their results and performances. To be honest, sports inspires communities around the world to break all boundaries!

The importance of sports in the society

For a long time the UN has recognized the meaning of sports in the society. Different organs in the UN have used top athletes and sport events in their marketing to encourage public health and to prevent illnesses. Besides this, the purpose has been to beat racism and apartheid and to improve human rights. Many governmental and other organizations have worked together with the UN on these matters, at an international level as well as on a state level to promote development, health, peace and human rights by arranging different sport events. The Paralympic games are one of the main events and an example on how sports for disabled can have a large significance on international collaboration and to promote peace and human rights.

Human rights
Human rights

Human rights

According to the UN, sport is a human right. People with a disability shall have the same rights as any other person to participate in sports, events and competitions. This goes for all levels. Availability in sports shall be there for everybody that wants it. Disabled people shall have the same opportunity and access to education, arenas and events as anybody else. It is not just the UN that sees this as an important issue to discuss. UNESCO and the World Health Organisation (WHO) have also, together with the International Labour Organisation (ILO), put focus on the value of sports. UNESCO confirms the right to sports for disabled and the WHO engages in the world of athletes to support a lifestyle that is healthy. The WHO emphasizes the importance of regular physical activity, mostly for those with a disability. That sports are integrated in the school system is one way to increase availability and health around the world. The ILO are, as part of their function, to make sure that there are descent working conditions both at work and in sports to enhance availability and development.

Athletes with various disabilities show us, with their energy and spirit, that humanity can´t be limited. The convention on rights for the disabled give them the means to break all boundaries in the society!