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The Paralympics Start in Tokyo

Traditionally, the Paralympics take place right after the Olympic Games. Therefore, Tokyo is the venue for the 16th Paralympics this year. However, Japan is the organizer of this worldwide sporting event for the second time since 1964. 4300 athletes from all over the world compete for medals in various competitions which include a total of 23 sports and 540 different disciplines. This year, taekwondo and badminton are new to the Paralympic program.

On the other hand, the organizers have removed 7-a-side football and sailing from the program although a blind football tournament remains, in which teams compete against each other in groups of five. Sadly, this time the events take place without participation of an audience even though the interest was very high beforehand. There had been 3.1 million inquiries for the 2.3 million theoretically available tickets.

Mascot Someity Stands for Courage

The organizers have chosen Someity as their mascot for this year’s Paralympics. The futuristic figure comes in pink and white with googly eyes and superpowers. The mascot’s name Someity is a mixture of ‘cherry blossom’ and the word ‘mighty’. Someity is supposed to symbolize the essence of the Paralympics. The athletes have to overcome obstacles and rediscover their limits.

Challenging Environment

Most of the games take place in the sports facilities that were used for the Summer Olympics and this time event is returning to its country of origin since the unofficial 1964 competition. The Paralympic Games will undoubtedly be a challenge for the athletes since Tokyo is usually very humid at this time of year and the temperatures are extremely high. However, most would say that it is worth the effort. For the first time, the athletes fight for medals that the designers created from recycled electronic waste. The central motif is a traditional Japanese fan, which includes representations from nature standing for solidarity and a breath of fresh air. The edge of the medal also has engraved lines for the visually impaired: one recess stands for gold, two for silver, and three for bronze. The lettering Tokyo 2020 is also included in Braille on the front of the medal.

Challenging Environment

Rammstein Sing for The Paralympics

Moreover, the Paralympics caused a sensation in advance. The reason for that is the choice of the official title song of the German team. The German superstars Rammstein allowed their Paralympic team to use the song Ich Will. The band has already released the official video for the song too, which shows numerous athletes, who demonstrate their skills to the music of Rammstein. In addition, the band published seven individual videos that shed some light on the respective disciplines of the Paralympics. Germany has launched a campaign under the hashtag #MeinWeg to accompany the team on their way to the games. So, nothing will get in the way of the second biggest sports festival in Japan this year. Fans are looking forward to the great Paralympics 2021.


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