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On November 22 in 1986 Oscar Carl Lennard Pistorius was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was born with a defect in his lower legs as well as his feet. This led to an amputation. The amputation was performed when Oscar was only eleven months old. Few people thought he would survive, and no one thought he was going to become one of the fastest people in the world and the absolute fastest one without legs. He rapidly learnt how to run with his double prosthetics and because of it he got his nickname ”The Blade Runner” and ”The fastest man on no legs”. Oscar had many successes in the court but in the end, he will be remembered mostly for killing his girlfriend.

Compete against non-handicap

When Oscar was only 17 years old, he won his first gold medal in the Paralympics of 2004. In connection with this he participated in a documentary about his wish to compete in the Olympics against men without handicap. In Cologne, there were extensive tests to find out whether or not his prosthetics would give him an advantage against regular legs. Unfortunately, it showed that his uniquely developed prosthetics would give him an advantage and he was not allowed to compete towards men without handicap. He, on the other hand, was convinced of the opposite and continued his struggle. His first progress was to get the decision from Cologne repealed in the sports arbitration on May 16 in 2008. The Arbitration meant that it wasn´t possible to prove an advantage for Oscar for his prosthetics. Even though he wasn´t formally unable to participate in the Olympics of Beijing in 2008, he couldn´t because he didn´t qualify into the South African team. 

Success arrives

The absolute best season for Oscar was 2011. During this year he improved his personal record at 400m to 45.61 and through this he became qualified to participate in the Athletics World Championships in Daegu where he reached the semi-finals. He also got to run the first distance for the South African team in the relay for 4x400m. In the finals he was not in the team. South Africa came in second in the finals which meant that even Oscar got a silver medal. He managed to qualify to the Olympics in London in 2012 where he came as far as to the semi-final for 400m and also got to run for the South African team in the relay for 4x400m. Directly after the Olympics he participated in the Paralympics where he won three medals, two of which were gold.

The end of the career

In November 2012, Oscar met the supermodel Reeva Steenkamp with whom he started a relationship. On Valentine’s Day, February 14 of 2013, only three months after they met, Steenkamp was found dead in Oscar´s house in Pretoria. The next day, Oscar was arrested, and a preliminary investigation on murder was started. Oscar said he believed it was a burglar and that he had shot in, what he believed was, self-defence. He denied the accusations. After extended trials, Oscar was sentenced, in the fall of 2014, to five years in prison for man slaughter. The next year the supreme court of South Africa decided to release him from prison and instead put him in house arrest. In December 2015, the same court, changed again, now decided that Pistorius was guilty of murder. On July 16 2016 the sentence was confirmed, Oscar Carl Lennard Pistorius was sentenced to six years in prison for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp.


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