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When Nicolai Myers saw the little weird looking guy coming into the gym, he wasn´t sure what was going to happen. Myers, who was an American champion in Strongman didn´t really know if the little guys shaking little 99 pounds body would be able to lift the medicine ball weighing around 30 pounds. Miles Taylor, a 24-year-old whose main interest was photographing, did everything he could to lift the ball, but failed time and time again. This is the start of what came to be a funny story.

Cerebral Pares

CP, Cerebral pares, is a condition that affects the muscle function of the body. Everything becomes a mess. Either the muscles get too hard, too lose or they cramp. The muscles do exactly the opposite to what you want when you are lifting something heavy. That is how Miles describes his disease. In the best scenario the disabled are just inhibited in just one leg or one arm but in worst cases it´s a total paralysation and the disabled person lack ways of communicating. Miles is somewhere in between. He can walk and talk even though it is done with some difficulty. He has put thousands of hours into muscle therapy and training since he was a child.

Found his passion in the gym

Learning to lift weights has been a total science for Miles. He describes it as every lift being like figuring out a puzzle. He must concentrate all the way from fingers, through arms, hips and legs to manage such a, for us without disabilities, simple move as lifting a medicine ball from the floor to the chest. It was when Miles was visiting the gym NeverSate in Maryland, to take photos of a competition, that he literally fell for strength and Strongman. He went there to take photos but left as a member. He says the hardest thing with the lifts is concentration and focusing at the right thing at every lift. A deadlift, for example, is when the athlete lifts a barbell from the floor to the waist. This is the kind of lift Miles refers to. He started showing up at the gym once a week, but this rapidly became more. After just a few months, he was a daily visitor. He evolved quickly and realized that the strength he got during the last months, he not only wanted to keep, he wanted to evolve more!

Attention from Arnold Schwarzenegger

Very few people can do what Miles did one winter day. He managed to lift 200 pounds in a so-called deadlift. Considering Miles only weighs 99 pounds it is more than double his own weight. One of his trainers caught the lift on his cell phone and posted it on Instagram. The video was seen by more than 300 000 people in a short time. They could also read in the text how Miles was thanking his coach for all the help reaching his goal. ”200lb deadlift at 99lb, more than double me bodyweight!!! HECK YEAH” you can read in the post. The post was shared on Twitter and soon reached Arnold Schwarzenegger. In a post of his, the former action hero and Mr Universe, celebrates Miles and calls him his new hero. Arnold has invited Miles to some of the competitions held in his name. In one of the clips on Arnold´s YouTube channel you can hear the Terminator eagerly pushing Miles to new achievements.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger


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